The new windows subsystem for Linux might severely slow compilation time for me.

Microsoft is releasing a preview of WSL 2 which works fundamentally different to WSL 1, which I currently use.

For those who don't know, WSL (or Windows Subsystem for Linux) used to be a compatibility layer, which "translated" Linux syscalls to Windows syscalls. This enables the execution of Linux applications on Windows. The new WSL (WSL 2) doesn't do any of that, instead, it is a highly optimised Virtual Machine.

So don't get me wrong from a performance point of view there is no Issue, RAM and CPU usage is truly astonishingly small and performance of Linux applications is much improved over WSL 1.

BUT, apparently, accessing files stored on Windows through Linux is now piss slow.

Great, truly outstanding.

Why is this a problem? Well, I use WSL to develop c++ Linux applications using CLion, the way this works is that you set up an ssh server in WSL, which CLion uses to do compilations.

One _needs_ to have the project files stored on Windows as otherwise CLion on Windows can't access them.

If I wanted a Linux VM I would have installed one.


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