A Client's hotshot webmaster just asked us to provide a JavaScript 301 redirect script for a CMS we don't own/have admin access at all.

"Must be 301 style for SEO benefits... "

So, hows your day going? 不不

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    Webmaster? Is it 1997?
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    @bahua My first dev job had a title of “webmaster” because they didn’t know better. Was the first web dev there.

    This guy sounds like he gave himself that title.
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    @bahua that's what they called themselves... So, respecting their title.
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    Hey dude quick question how long did it take you to be a full stack developer
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    @Dark-Ryo 10+ years and learning everyday. Find a stack you enjoy and dig in. If you can hoist a server and deliver a page all by yourself your now full stack. :D
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    Thanks dude
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