Nothing better than walking out of the examination classroom, opening up your phone and being flooded with emails and messages about production servers being down

It's that time of the week again

Luckily, now that everything is in place everything is 100% automated with ci/cd 😎

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    What are you studying? How do you manage working and studying at the same time. Do you work full time or part time? Did you finish a course first before getting your current job? Are you studying a different course now or is it a Master's? Do you pay for your tuition out of the salary you get from your job? Is it hard? Was it tough saving up? Do you live alone? How do you budget your expenses? How is life in general?
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    @rutee07 Brazzers University Application Form
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    @rutee07 Hey thanks for the interest!

    I'm studying Information Technology in the Netherlands and I am currently at the end of year 3. Due to my prior experience with programming and my motivation I was able to finish year 1 and 2 in my first year and go straight to year 3.

    I work 8 to 16 hours per week part-time and usually only go to the office (in a different city) once in 2 weeks because of school and the time it takes me to travel to that city.

    The second half of last year I went on an internship (year 3) for school and worked there for half a year on a few internal systems, I was offered a job afterwards and that's how I came here.

    Still studying the same course, next year's my minor and final assignment. I don't pay my tuition with my salary.

    It's not hard really, it's a lot of backend and DevOps work that I love, Docker, Ansible and Linux servers are fun the work with. I currently still live with my parents (I'm 20) and I don't have that many expenses atm luckily.

    Great :D
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    @alexbrooklyn ==> @rutee07 is tryin' to make you a pornstar!
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    @alexbrooklyn That's very impressive, man. I doubt you'll end up in the porn industry like me.
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