So few days ago I've installed Mojave from clean setup (Hackintohsh) and works smooth as butter, and today I woke up in the morning and sat down to work, my pc was running on windows so I restarted it, there was some updates to be installed but what a heal will install them later, so the pc started booting in Mojave, usually takes few seconds but this time it got stuck on the loading screen, so rebooted again and this time added -v boot parameter to clover to see whats going on, got some errors about IGPU (had to use intel's gpu.. thanks Nvidia .!.), did few googling some suggested using -disablegfxfirmware but that didn't work, so rebooted again.. hoping I would get more info, guess what? windows 10 was in hibernation (possibly because there were updates to be installed on boot) and that somehow prevented mojave from using the ssd i guess? not sure exactly, so In the end I got very lucky cause if I didn't read the message I would have reinstalled the mojave and loose a day at work... politely f*** you windows updates!

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