I have experience worth 5 years built simple and complex web apps but using php and laravel.

I feel i should have used top tier technologies.

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    Now is the time to build using "top tier" tech

    By the way, PHP is definitely top tier depending on your definition
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    What is top tier?
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    Php/laravel is top tier tech
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    I see people jobs with java, .net, Hybernate, Node, Python etc and PHP is cornered.
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    So what's the big deal? Learn yourself one of those "top tier techs" in the next two weeks and apply for a job in them? Programming is really much of the same in any language, it's just the syntax is a bit different.
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    @v1shky they chose the tech based on the requirements they need, it's pretty dumb choose Java for just an e-commerce, or Node for only send mails, or PHP for AI... Don't misunderstand me, you could, I'm only saying you must choose wisely based in cost, time and scopes
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    @sgzadrian true my client requirements are quite small and php/nodejs always are the options and as i know much of php i end up using it.
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    Pick another language to learn, knowing multiple languages is never a bad thing.

    I'm a php/js dev, but I also work with java, python and at times ruby.

    The only limitation is yourself.
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