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    Java is good ☕
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    This has been on dR so many times lol.
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    But Java is good
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    I don't see the problem.
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    I know I take this way more too serious than I should... But what is even the point of this meme?

    First of, this seems to be written in the view of a male since a woman and a woman can't do anal while being both "physical" stimulated. And
    even though I lack some experience about the anal part, but technically a "hole" is a hole and both could get you to climax (if you ignore your sexual orientation) ;)
    With that in mind you are absolutely free to choose your sexual partners (and not just one half of a population).

    So everything is there: with Java you can freely choose your platform and maybe the experience will not always be a total enjoyment (e.g. accessing hardware) but altleast there is mostly an option to get things done.

    For me this meme isn't a roast of Java but more a valid endorsement of it. So everyone which posts this in a negativ context should maybe be just more open minded ;P
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    @KnutKnutsen exactly. This meme is more of a desperate attempt to tarnish something no matter however it looks in the end
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    All I read is "Saying more platforms is good is like saying more sex is good."
    And that's a big YES!
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    I know most of you surely know, but just in case: Dennis Ritchie did not say this.
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    It is very clear who is butthurt and who should admit being a dumbfuck

    May your Soul RIP
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    @Avimelekh i'm not even sure where i should start criticising this without moving down to your argumentative level.

    so just do me a favour and read your comment again, slowly.
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    @git-gud please. Don't waste your time talking to that "dumbfuck". Enjoy the precious Sunday
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    @KnutKnutsen java is shit and the folks who only know and write in java are shit too... no pun intended... that is the point intended
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    @QuanticoCEO not you again... haha jk
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