I'm investigating PRs for a super legacy codebase. Someone else already approved the PRs -- somebody who has never even run the code or had the project set up before.

The codebase hasn't been touched in two years, and it hasn't been updated in four. It's using CoffeeScript, Node v0, Electron v0.30, and Angular 1.x. I obviously don't have a dev environment anymore, either, and my previous dev env was on Windows, so I'll have to translate my custom build utilities from batch to bash (or much more likely: node).

To make matters worse: the PRs break both the initial project setup and the project itself (NPM can no longer find some installed packages, among other problems). And. someone already merged them into master. So: fuck.

I'm going to yell at the author and tell him to fix his shit. Why? Because when I check out my last commit prior to his PRs, everything works perfectly. Surprise!

I was so done with this project two and a half years ago. I'm still so done with it. I just don't want to maintain this anymore, or honestly even look at it. I would happily rebuild the project from scratch, but updating it from the days of IE8? No way.

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    git revert? Or was it reset...
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    @billgates Normally I would absolutely negate the commits into oblivion and tell the crap dev to fix their code, but I don't want to scare other devs away -- and he's one of only a few that care about updating the project for free. I'm just too done with the project to care enough to do it myself. Also, nobody has push rights that would push code (besides me), and nobody can (or would) do official releases.

    So I think I'll just yell at the nubcake dev until he fixes things, and only merge it when things actually work again.
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    @Root but if you need it right away, only option is to revert? Then have him make sure his own branch works before merge again?
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    Ah nevermind I see the open source now
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    @billgates Truth. but I don't. I don't actually care.

    One of my previous employers asked me to investigate the PRs. I did, and told them they break everything. Their response: "That's unfortunate."

    If I cared more, I'd fix everything myself. but I just can't. I'm being a terrible maintainer, but I'm just so done.

    Edit: yeah. The working product is already out there and people are using it. It hasn't seen updates in two years, and it does what it's supposed to. If the community wants to improve it, they can start by fixing this crap. or I can revert it if they refuse.
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    Imo its easier to switch company than to do work in this mess 😅
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    The moment you make commit your javascript dependencies become deprecated.

    Today’s npm development in a nutshell.

    If game developers use npm for dependency management we would still play pacman and frogger.
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    The PR clown keeps insinuating I have no idea what I'm doing and that e.g. installing node is too much for me.

    It's really pissing me off.
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    Wow, the word legacy holds a huge negative connotation (am I using that right?)

    Just today I was talking to some guys dealing with a 30+ yrs homegrown ERP-system still needing care. No it's not in a bank, but yes, it's fucking COBOL.

    Much respect to all of you having to maintain other peoples guilty consiences.

    I just have my own ancient crap to maintain, so I know who to kick at least 😏
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