Yesterday we had the second meeting with the commissioning agency and the client itself.
The project is a sort of CRM that allows to book for medical treatments (not gonna go into boring details)

At the end, we just ask the client if everything was clear enough to start using it (the manual has yet to be done) and she just answers "yeah, I'll just have to try out a few things and then everything will be totally clear, but right now I think I got this"

Literally 2 hours later, she calls us telling to prepare another meeting because she doesn't understand the very basics of the whole project.

So now I'll probably have to redo an awful lot of shit just to make her understand what she actually wants

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    did you have a ux designer on board?
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    @heyheni nope, my boss made a wireframe and angular material+bootstrap made the rest of the UI, but no UX was ever studied.

    BUT some of the layouts were given DIRECTLY from the client itself
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    @ZioCain so blame your boss for allowing this mess to happen for not hiring a ux/interaction designer from the start.

    Doesn't matter if you got the screens from the client. Because they more often don't know what they really want until a designer boils down the problem the client wants to have solved.
    UX Design is not about the visuals, it's about how something works.

    Good luck solving this :)
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    good read
    "Don't make me think"
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    @heyheni thank you for the support! Looks like an interesting book!

    Also, yeah I kinda did things according to plans in terms of usability, but smh it really is hard for people to use.

    It's not the first project I make like this one, but this is the first one that doesn't get use properly... makes me really sad
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