reading most of group rant about "love of coding".
It looks to me as most of people aim at a creative job, like being an artist, maybe a painter like Picasso o Van Gogh.
But they likely are up to an house painter job.

Which is probably not a good example as I'm watching now at the painter in my living room.
So quiet. Spreading the paint very carefully. and quiet. No bosses to scream at him. Satisfaction of a job well done.

And the fucking bill he'll get from me.

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    Won't he give you the bill? Or is he paying you to paint your room?
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    @AlmondSauce oops. don't know why i inverted
    . I meant: the bill I'll get from him. I was thinking about being the painter myself maybe
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    yeah well. you right.
    but well. the whole thing about "ranting" for me it's just that: release your anger without too much censorship and without being fair or politically correct.

    Nice to put things in perspective anyway.

    I'll go to sniff some of the paint. The blue one it's amazing
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