I love to write vanilla JavaScript questions, hand them to full stack devs during and interview and watch them struggle trying to explain what it’s doing. 😈

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    Bring it on.
    There's full stack and there's... FULL stack 😏
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    How is that productive to the interview process?
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    On paper?
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    Pfft, you mean you like giving this to noobs.
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    What are your other two reasons, scrub?
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    @monkeyboy if you don't know vanilla JS, you are no fullstack developer
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    Calling myself full stack... If you don't mind sharing some, I'd like to have a go, just to see how rusty my js skills have become.
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    Share some, please.
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    @mundo03 Ah. Then your definition of "full stack developer" is more technology specific than mine. I have described myself as a full stack developer in the past because I have worked in the data layer (creating code to access data stores of different types and sometimes creating those stores), worked in the middle layers that access those data stores along with providing business logic, and have built UIs that interact with the middle layers. All without ever writing a single line of JavaScript or utilize a web browser. So, I disagree with you that full stack developer must know JavaScript. Instead, the type of full stack developer that you are looking for in particular should know JavaScript.
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    @monkeyboy well, if you need ti work un the "UI" a.k.a. front end, you have to know vanilla JS.

    Otherwise you are not really capable.
    You can't rely on libraries, compilators and what not to do this for you, you ha ve to know what those are doing too.

    Of course talking about web only. You can also do front end for mobile native and other non-browser stuff.
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    @monkeyboy your definition of a full stack developer is drastically different form everyone else's definition of it. A Full Stack developer is commonly associated with web development. I can't think of a time in which it has not been correlated to wev development and I have been doing this for a while.

    Your definition of it is the same as shorting bass guitar to just guitar and telling people you play the guitar. Specially without knowledge of Javascript. Ajax is key for this sort of thing, specially since web applications that deal with large and complex data stores would benefit from working without constant page refreshes and async data operations.
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    @AleCx04 Search "What is a full stack developer" with your search engine of choice. Your definition may be the one that you have encountered all or most of the time in your career (and is probably what most on this forum would agree with), but it is demonstrably not what you get as the results of the above search.
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    @monkeyboy I'm with @AleCx04 on this one.

    Full stack dev is someone who can work across any part of the given stack.

    Frontend (UI)
    Backend (core logic / infrastructure)
    Bridge(api layers / xhr)
    Servers(sysadmin / devops)
    Automation (devops / QA )

    Otherwise, what the hell should I change my job title too since all the above I float on top off.

    Master of the stack?

    Also, just to please you, my first result in google:

    - front end (the visible parts of a website)
    - back end (the “under the hood” databases and infrastructure)
    - full stack (a hybrid of both)

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    @C0D4 :) The first result on my list was "What is a full stack developer?

    A Full Stack Developer is a developer who is comfortable working with both back-end and front-end technologies. They have specialized knowledge in all stages of software development."

    (BTW, Bing)

    PS - The last line made me chuckle a little.
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    @monkeyboy so we have the same definition at the end of the day, someone who has the knowledge to work in any part of the given stack.

    I might change my title anyway "stack master"
    // someone who solo's the entire stack.
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    @monkeyboy Err, no. It is not demonstrably the opposite. If anything it is a complete affirmation of what we have all mentioned it to be:
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