Want an unbiased opinion here. Have any of you worked with GCP? How s the experience? Is it worth investing time on to learn? I’m thinking of adding it to my tool belt. Any opinions for or against are welcome.

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    I'm using their free Tier just to spin up VM. The experience was good. They've built good security around that VM. I think you should learn,
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    @M1sf3t that sounds bad. I’ve had my share of going around in circles with AWS a few years back. Not a fan.
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    @M1sf3t any answer that ends with an idk seems like the only accurate answer these days. My problem with aws was all the rigamarole to get even the smallest things done. I heard GCP was more streamlined. Some people said it was shit and you have to go around in circles. Well guess I’ll dive in and find out.
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    I have some experience with their VMs and k8s offering. Compared to aws, I think their console is really easy. They develop it with an "everything is an api call" philosophy.

    This means that it's built around an (imo) amazing architecture. You can even press a button and get the corresponding curl or cli command to run. That way you can somewhat learn the cli, even while using the webui
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    I'm certified but I don't really have much practical experience yet. I quite like it and a lot of things are better than for example AWS. But you should just try it, you have a free trial
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