Do you use programming fonts with ligatures?

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    Usually no, I much rather use stuff like Mono or Terminal or Lucida Console

    But i recently discovered I'm using Menlo on Atom (default font)
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    I use Ariel Narrow as my font.
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    Yes, I like Fira Code and it's programming ligatures.
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    @JaseSquad Wow variable-width font! Nice.
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    @aryathe a haha I was joking I always use consolas only
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    @JaseSquad Heh I thought you were one of the proponents of variable width fonts :p
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    @aryathe lol. I just tried to think of the least fitting don't for coding and said that for lols lol.
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    I recently started using Fira Code. I don't think it makes anything easier (Hell, it actually makes some things a real bitch) but I like the way it looks.
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    Nope. I want to see every single character as-is in my code. Ligatures are super messy in my brain and throw me off a lot
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    @endor So true. No matter how nicely the editor handles the keystrokes around ligatures, they just feel that bit off to me. Every character should stand alone imho.
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    @PaladinRevenant I used fira but a lot of symbols were missing like # and ? And & for example. I trashed it right away. And it didn't even look anything like the screenshots of it.
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    Ligatures look really nice in Haskell, I use Fira code with that
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    I haven't for ages but have just started using Fira code font and that's looking rather nice.
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