I just... don't have the motivation to code. This thing that once gave me chills and joy for hours now feels tedious.

I still love programming. My depression is starting to win, that's all. Tearing up trying to write this.

Oh and yeah, my coworker just knocked out the entire staging Oracle database, so there's that.

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    How did he managed to do that? O.o

    Anyhu, hang in there, this too shall pass..focus on little things that make you happy..one step at a time..
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    @sladuled I'm not quite sure to be honest. The sysadmin is looking into it and thinks that some backup operation he started is using the entire network switch on that rack. Should have run it over the weekend.

    And thank you. I'll do my best.
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    I have no real idea about the details of your situation; people are as varied as programs and so I don’t want to make too many assumptions, but I can maybe offer a couple things that have sometimes been relevant to me.

    I think coding is a little unusual in the degree of stimulation and depth available. That brings with it incredible rewards and immersion, but if you are anything at all like me, a sugar rush is a sugar rush and eventually the part of the brain that dances with sugar just falls over.

    In those times, almost invariably, I have just been hitting the gas too hard. My ratio between learning and life outside has gone totally up the wonk. The most peculiar things is I normally try to study harder to fix it...that only compounds the problem.

    Play, code or non-code related, and/or time away, seem to be the main things that give me rejuvenation. I dont know what your own ratio of work/play looks like right now, but its worth keeping in mind. Brains are delicate.
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    @shivayl I have mild clinical depression, so it's a little less simple. Thanks for the advice though, no sarcasm. I keep trying at it and of course these things are on that list already.
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    I think part of it is that I used to have an expertise. I'm spread too thin now.
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