Nice try Trello....

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    Smart ass fuckers
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    I kind of like it. It's pretty honest, in a way.
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    @kgbemployee It kind of misses the whole point of release notes though. I fine with devs that put a fun spin on release notes but they still have to be about the update being released.

    This just seems like filler....
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    @bhouston traditionally, admiting to fuckups, even in release notes, for a retail production app is kinds of bad for business.
    Filler, totaly, but at least they wrote something custom imstead of "bugfixes". I still kind of appreciate it, but hey, that's me.
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    @kgbemployee Slack admits to bugs they fixed all the time in their release notes.

    They still seem to be doing ok.
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    @irene ehhhh....maybe you are thinking of the Trello buyout a couple years back? Atlassian doesn't own Slack.
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    @irene Partner != Owner

    The closest they have come to owners so far is to own a minority share in Slack. But that is far from full ownership. They are no more an owner than any other shareholders is.
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    @irene I sent my reply before your edit to your last comment.
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