Co-worker: Please finish and push your frontend asap, I need that to start working on the backend.
Me: Why aren't you using Postman?
Cw: I don't like it.

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    And he calls himself a backend developer?
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    Or why isn't he using curl or whatever test harness is fitting his language?
    How sad is that? 😭
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    Well, I'm in a similar situation except the application is not a webapp. The network protocol is proprietary and the test tools do not exist.
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    What?! Postman, wiremock or even a fucking message convention should suffice.
    I disagree with this practice wholeheartedly.
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    Well, at least he didn't come up with some bullshit technical "justification".

    Just "not liking" a core tool of your trade is kinda whacky. Gave me a laugh, at least.

    Maybe he hates the icon. Or the font. Or, is your co-worker Richard Stallman and he just hates it because it has a GUI?
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    Rest of the conversation:
    Me: Why?
    Cw: It's hard.
    Me: Well, developing frontend is hard too!
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