Me:(kills the CTRL +S buttons saving something)
Boss: what are you doing ?
Me: nothing much, saving a document.
Boss: is that the best way to save it?
Me: no, it got saved the very first time, the rest is to convince my heart I saved it.

Boss: ... ... ... fair enough.

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    hahaha totally true
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    I do this so much.
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    @k3pwn still it'll be clicked 10 times
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    I also do ctrl+c like 10 times to make sure that shit is on my clipboard.
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    I had long developed the habit of ctrl + s often my work (had a power outage once).
    I sometimes even try to ctrl + s in other applications by sheer routine, without even thinking about it (like browsers and such, or when I'm writing some unimportant sql query), then get annoyed and keep pushing esc, and then I feel quite dumb.
    But I couldn't care less because I don't want to lose the habit of doing so when needed for obvious reasons
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