Anyone here has any experience with buying shit from STMicroelectronics? Requested a fucking account like an hour ago and their shit confirmation email has not gotten to me yet.

Any other sites y'all would recommend for getting their shit? This bs is getting ridiculous...for a company whose fucking assets are worth billions to take this fucking long to send a confirmation email.

Fucking Adafruit took nada to send me the shit i wanted. Fucking hell man.

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    I love STmicro boards, but I get them from Tanotis or element14 or something
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    @RememberMe fuck me i had forgotten about that website. Thanks bro!!
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    I usually order from Digikey. I'd not even have thought about buying shit directly from ST. Their website is fine for documentation though.
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    @Fast-Nop thanks for the tip man, will certainly check digikey
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