900k+ deal with a huge customer.

All we need is a spreadsheet printed out

Two senior people could not figure this out for a solid hour

"hey you work with computers"

So I'm here printing spreadsheets...

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    ++ for a rant but
    -- for a situation
    I think we need some non-binary rating system here
  • 2
    @kacper3w Nah. We don't vote for situations, we vote for rants.
    Rantworthy situations would be mostly -- otherwise.
  • 5
    @kescherRant right! Keeping a binary system is really practical. Like with genders
  • 7
    @kacper3w Your comment is :
    70% praiseworthy
    5% funny
    35% insightful
    20% beautiful
    30% elegant
    70% logical
    0% research backed
    10% result of hard-work
    20% inspirational
    0% NSFW
    90% readable
    5% flabbergast
    10% lovable
    90% structured
    40% context-related
    15% enlightning
    80% opinion
    100% rant
    Your normalized comment rating is 0.43647972 with a st.dev. of 0.37637215.
  • 2
    @kacper3w Let's be honest, it is practical. No one can remember all the options. ;)
  • 1
    @Nato let's map that to hexadecimals and give the comment a rating of 'b1535b0230e12e62cf'
  • 0
    @Nato yes. Totaly random vals.
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