Fuck machine learning.
Fuck AI.
Fuck everything that needs an artificial neural net.
Fuck this degree.
Fuck this situation I'm in.
Fuck research.
Fuck the PhD I was planning to do, and fuck that dream of becoming an industry advisor and literally stopping people from doing outdated painful unmaintainable(?) shit, and fuck that other dream about starting my own startups for making and selling smart robotic gadgets.

Also, fuck my life.

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    Fuck it all/ fuck it all/ can't hold me back anymore
    Fuck it all/ fuck it all/ turn away and slam that door

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    What's happened? 😢
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    @Dummybugger "what didn't happen?" may have a shorter answer.
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    Sounds like a logic rap song
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    Switch to a rapper and make millions
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    Oh. I can't say that it'll get *better* because it probably won't. But *you* will certainly get much, much better. Good luck in any case!

    (And btw, unmaintainable outdated shit is like the standard of this industry so....)
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    I experienced burn out freq. until I figured out the exact amount of work and process that suited me.

    1. Never ever ever work from home, ESPECIALLY if it's at the same desk you say, game or browse the internet at.

    2. Keep track *precisely* of the following: Mark the days and shifts you work, who you worked with, what you dreaded the most before going into shift, and what you worked on. Finally mark the days and shifts you were burn out on. Do this for two weeks.

    3. Increase the amount you sleep by 15-30 additional minutes every four days. If you stop feeling burnt out, note the day and amount of sleep you got. Thats how much sleep you'll need from here on out.
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    4. Reduce caffeine intake and work-hour variability. That means if you typically go to bed at 10pm, no more caffeine after 4pm, period. May not apply to tea (doesn't keep me up for some reason). It also means, if the time you quit at is between 5pm and 7-pm, eliminate variability after 4pm. So you can quit earlier, but NEVER quit later. This means you're mind, if you're feeling burnt on that day, can at least count on a predictable cut off.

    5. You are permitted once every 7-10 days to ignore any one of these rules. The mind hates tedium.

    6. There are many more such guidelines. Keep iterating until you find what works for you.

    Burn out isn't simply a sign of dissatisfaction, nor is it sufficient to recognize burn out. Best way to combat it is to know *why* you are burnt.

    Learn to work at your own process (or adaption of anothers), and at your own pace, and you'll actually get *more* done. Fast is slow. Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.
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    @Wisecrack brilliant ideas. Unfortunately does work for me. A. Student. B. Workload changes but I dare say I have not had a real time out in the past 10 weeks. Always took time cuz I was feeling burnt out, not because I had "time". C. Can't really keep track as most I do is research. I know many ways a thing doesn't work and one day a thing does. Deadlines are hard and requirements fixed.

    Sleep? Peheh. Had 4.5 hours last night. My insomnia is directly linked to my anxiety. Literally woke up before 6 AM and couldn't go back.
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    Plus 8-10 hour work per day is shit. But shit needs to work and I feel stupid when it doesn't.
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    Oh, and no real weekend. I'm eitherr shopping for food, cleaning and doing chores, doing the rest where brain literally is unresponsive, or am working again.
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    Caffeine is non-negotiable. I can't live without the boost.

    Or even get out of bed for that matter.

    You can also add heavy smoking to manage stress on top of all that too.

    Yeah, I noticed that I'm technically killing myself. And I'm not even sad about it which is weird 🤔
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    First comment in this last section, a doesn't mistakenly was changed to does.
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    If you're drinking it six hours or less before bed thats going to be a major contributing factor to insomnia. Took me years to realize this.

    Dead serious, cut it six hours before sleep.

    For work load I just smoked uh, certain substances, with my professors to get 'extra credit' and favorable status (however I'm not suggesting you break the law to get ahead, ahem.)

    A lot of courseload is BS anyway. Figure out what you can slide on.

    Learn what you dread most, and everything else is a break comparatively. I love shopping mostly because it means I'm not at work.

    If you have pet, just taking them outside and sitting in the sunshine for 10 min. a day works absolute wonders

    Anyway it sounds like you feel straight jacketed by all the things you are required to do. The best antidote for feeling trapped is literally letting some things slip to make time. Use that time to do something unstructured and spontaneous.

    Learn what matters and what doesn't f*cking matter.
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    @Wisecrack aight. I'll try.
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    Okay, but seriously, do try it.

    And if you can, give us a follow up in a week or two about how well it's going and where you're at.
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    Are you doing slam poetry right now?!
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    Dude what happened? O.o if u wanna bent i got telegram, got a couple of people from here on there
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    Fuck it all, fuck it all
    Can't hold it back anymore
    Fuck it all, fuck it all
    Turn away and fuck it all
    I don't care what they're going to say
    Let the fuck fest rage on
    The sex never bothered me anyway.
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    @serverconnected I read this rant with a Logic voice
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    @NoMad keep in mind research showed creative thinking is really reduced by stress/anxiety.

    So you might have a problem of a negative spiral: stress->less gets done->more stress->even less gets done->stress->...

    Break it somewhere before it gets even worse.

    I wish you the best of luck. I've been in a similar situation and I know some of what you're feeling.
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