Heya devrant, long time no see!
Anyway here's a thought.
A lot of the time I wanna upvote stuff on this site but I'm terrified of upvote inflation.
I feel it's not clear to me what the threshold for upvoting should be and if I upvote multiple things in a row I feel like my upvote is losing value.

All of a sudden it becomes a big decision.

Yeah it's overthought like crazy but can anyone else relate?

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    ... No? They're internet points they literally don't matter at all. Hit the ++ or the --, nobody's life is going to be worse for it.
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    Respectfully, I disagree with her ^.

    Your upvotes should mean something. Not too rare, and not too many. Enough to make it mean something to those receiving it.
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    If you feel ++ then ++
    If you feel void then noop
    If you feel -- then --
    If you feel then you're alive
    If you're 14 then this is deep
    If you're like me then you don't know when to stop
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    Too much thought for something with such little impact.
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    @Santaclauze I'm not too serious mostly observational comedy about something I've noticed myself do without realising
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    @Dummybugger okay ;) make s more sense. You kind sounded like a serial killer ;)
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    If something is worth thinking about, it's worth overthinking about.
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