Close to delivering a project on time. Nothing spectacular or particularly big. But it's been my baby and I could introduce other devs to the codebase without having any "negative" feedback on the design; only minor improvements that made total sense.

We've had one technical disagreement where I very unjustly had to pick my suggested solution. The discussion didn't lead to an agreement and we couldn't stay blocked. Old me would have chosen the design that did not (in my not-so-humble opinion) make any sense, just not to step on any toes. Probably imagined toes and steps and whathaveyous as well.

We're making good progress. We're learning from each other. I like this.

This team lead thing is very temporary, but I haven't grown this much in ages. It's just a regular old job where I help someone else get rich, but it's a great tool for self development. I guess I could be spending my time worse... huh, I like the sound of that.

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