Writing a script which runs every 5 - 10 mins that runs 10 sub tasks, where each sub task sends 3 HTTP requests to my company's API and also performs at least 3 database queries.

The best part? I'm told to use PHP / Laravel to do it.

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    That's only 30 calls in a loop 🤷‍♂️

    Come talk to me when you have to call 2 different APis 7-10,000 times each in under 10 minutes, and then proceed to process the rest of the data from an XML file.

    This thing runs every hour.

    Also, why would you use laravel to write a simple script for?
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    I managed to do the script, but some parts stop running at random. I don't know whether is it because my company's API has issues or the data that I am submitting messes up halfway through.

    Sometimes it manages to finish everything including the database queries, sometimes it stops at about 80%.

    I don't have much experience as I just finished my college diploma.

    I'm doing it in Laravel because all the projects and stuff in my company is written in Laravel.
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    @CrimsonZ seems Overkill when you could write a script and add it to a crontab vs importing a framework and write the same thing.
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    @C0D4 if you don't mind, what language are you using to do your work?
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    @CrimsonZ almost everything I do is in PHP (framework-less)

    I do have some python scripts but that's for some Windows task automation.
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