Hey guys, I was wondering how are these images created and what are they called? are they SVG graphics?

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    This should help you:

    (edit: open it in new tab and watch URL)

    Basically the numbers represent different options. Than you have some server side scripting that creates image based on these properties. You can use this link (its my avatar) and change up few numbers here and there, note down the results and here you go.

    Maybe its documented somewhere.
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    Each object is its own layer, png, everything else is transparent. There is a render url, you pass in the individual layers and the renderer will combine them, respecting the z axis so everything overlaps correctly
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    @DubbaThony oh that was awesome! but do u have any idea how are those individual elements created?
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    @Kimmax got it, but how are those png images created?
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    double displays?😨
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    @GurvirBhogal some crazy fool made a whole lot of images in what I would assume is photoshop.

    Think of each element (desk, face, mouth, clothes, ect) as their own png

    Then you have a script that takes o the URL params and stitches it all together.

    @trogus would know the answers.
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    Yep, sounds about correct

    Btw, are you maybe C0D1 and signed in to play RWC? Its random question but we had player till yesterday nicknamed C0D1, just offtop curiocity
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    @DubbaThony 😂 Wasn't me.

    I usually use 4 or 4R... coz "coder" and all.
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    @C0D4 Okay. Just nickname cooincidence heh

    Edit: sorry for offtop. It just struck me and I had to ask
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    Yup, lots and lots of layers in Illustrator vectors outputted as png layers combined together by a backend script when the avatar asset is requested, then cached
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    @trogus that helped a lot!! Tysm!!
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    @DubbaThony Nice to know!
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