My university has "Economics and Technic" on its name and it straight up fails on the technical side.

We don't have proper wifi because nobody from the management wants to be responsible for whatever the fuck students do, so they borrow the public (not secure/shitty) wifi from the state for us. Great. We could also use Eduroam, except it only works OUTSIDE of the university for some fujing reason.

Also, our classrooms don't have plugs to charge our notebooks so that's not an option, I guess they just think: "well if they can't use their notebooks they might as well not use any internet at all".

With the heatwave in Europe the servers almost fried bcs management was not sure if they should turn it off or not. We got no server a day.

To top it off, for some reason, every time I access the Intranet from the university it won't login and it literally blocks my dns requests. FANTASTICAL. I even tried restoring my computer and it does the same shit, so I just gave up on it entirely.

TL;DR: My university has shitty IT-Infrastructure and I need to rant about it.

Thank you for sharing ze pain™

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    Which country? Which university?
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    @lukegv Germany, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences
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    Sounds really shitty. Why did you choose the FH over the KIT?
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    @lukegv same reason as 90% of people who change from KIT to the HS: too much math (especially on CS) and more practical courses
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    Haha, I knew you were talking about HsKA after the first two sentences. Well, actually that's quite sad it has _this_ unique feature as it's most distinctive mark :/
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    @Lisk yeah, it's sad how they don't improve on that cause if they did it could actually compete with KIT and people would actually know that there is a HS here :/
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    I believe they don't see this as an issue at all. They think the Internet is a dangerous place and must be treated as auch.
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    @Lisk This.
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