C'mon CBA, get it together. If today is Friday and something happened on Thursday (AKA yesterday) that's "1 day ago". It is known!

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    hehe probably round up the timestamp difference
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    It is known. 🤣
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    @nam17887 Probably, but understanding the underlying issue doesn't make it less jarring 😂

    Whoever unittested this should take the black be sent to The Wall 😁
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    Maybe the timezones are on fault here

    They should shown time according to your local time and also, the relative days based on that too
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    @gitlog That might be a valid argument except I haven't been out of my timezone in more than a few months and this happened today 😁
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    I see OxygenOS - I ++
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    @caap Well spotted mate. OnePlus3T... 3 years old, works as good as the 1st day I bought it 😊
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