What is a roadmap to become a fullstack web developper ?

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    1. Write your own web app from scratch, back and front end.
    2. You're done
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    Work your way down.

    Start by learning how to design graphics. Then learn HTML + CSS + JS for the front end, then learn how to administrate Linux web servers + nginx and learn some backend programming language (or use NodeJS if you wanna stick with JavaScript)

    Then work your way down to the database, learn how to glue it all together and you're set!
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    1. Become a full stack web developer
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    1. Create index.html
    2. npm install -g http-server
    3. invoke command
    http-server -p 8000
    4. Go to and that’s it.

    Your first client and server working.
    You’re real fullstack developer now.
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    For Computer Science careers there is a mandatory course:
    1. Handle clients
    1.1. Buy a tenderizer hammer
    1.2. Every morning, afternoon and evening whack your balls with it.
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