How are we feeling about the new Ryzen lineup for workstations that can do a bit of gaming on the side?

I'm so looking to go back to team red, but I don't know how beneficial the no of cores Ryzen provides is for compiling, static analysis and other dev tasks.

Anyone have experience with Ryzen for dev'ing?

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    I can tell you that when I switched to Ryzen only with 4 cores but 8 threads the compiling time was cut to third. Ryzen is fucking amazing for dev work.
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    I'm definitely going to the red team for my next build. I was thinking of getting a 3700X for good performance, an okay price, and a low TDP.
    No I'm waiting to see some more benchmarks and their GPU.
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    Hell yes compilation benefits so much from corecount.
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    Parallel compiling is definitely a huuuuuge speedup if you have the IO performance to back it up
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    Wait for the upcomming reviews, decide on a budget and go with what fits best into that budget.

    Zen2 seems to be an amazing step forward, The Ryzen lineup in addition with boards, isn't.

    Older Ryzens will probably fall in price, potentially being a better deal, depending on the budget and Target of what you want to achieve with that new WS.

    You can go R3K without going for the way to expensive x570.
    Either lower end boards or older generation boards.
    Depends on what we'll lern after actual release.
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    Oh wow, seems like you guys like it ;)

    Interesting to hear that core count is actually that influential on dev tasks.

    It is common sense, but again the question was if it was noticeable compared to Intel's offerings. The pricing will be hard to beat as well.

    Looking forward to the reviews and benchmarks, and the ryzen 2 might be a good deal!
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    @vandroid64 Most definitely! You can already find some leaked benchmarks if you're curious (guru3D has some info)
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