Getting a Raspberry Pi to play with, which I imagine will please those of you who want me to get more into Linux. :-)

A question..

Can anyone recommend a good Raspberry Pi 4 Emulator that works in Windows 10, so I can practice doing stuff there, before trying to break a real one. :-)

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    Breaking a PI? Good luck with that
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    @Codex404 I shorted one of the GPIO pins to 5V on one of my pies. The cpu runs super hot on idle now (80°C+) but everything still works somehow...
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    I've got some old unused CPU coolers here, so can perhaps retrofit one of them on.

    I'll make a case for it out of scraps of wood I have here.

    No 3D printer yet !
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    I often run into technical problems. :-)

    I imagine it will be 6 months before its working !
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    Raspbian is your regular Linux so any virtual machine should do. I don't know how you would handle the gpios
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    @Nanos go ahead, break a real one.... I do all the time.
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    I want to try and avoid breaking it as it will be my only one !

    A gift from a well meaning individual who wishes to remain anonymous.
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    Software wise (except hardware low level access) the different Pi models aren't much different.
    While I doubt there is an Emulator for a recent Pi, you can use any ARM emulator which can used execute the image.
    That said, you can also install Debian in a normal virtual machine, as Raspbian is based on it, when you do not need specific hardware functionality (e.g. GPIO).
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    @magicMirror this guy gets it
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    At some point I want to fiddle around with the hardware, an emulator would be nice.

    The ARM instruction set is rather beautiful.
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