The server is down and I can't do shit. Should I go home now?

My rational side says "Go home, there's nothing you can do."

My emotional side says "The release is this week, if you don't stay and wait, you can get fired. Imagine your boss debugging your code this weekend because you didn't finish it."

My rational side argues, "You can wait for hours, you don't know when it will be up. Remember when you went home last time and realized it was a good call because they started the server three hours later?"


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    Code a notification to be sent to you as soon as it comes back up
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    Didn‘t you mess something up recently? I would stay for once to show loyalty to the company
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    @asgs It wouldn't help because I have a desktop in the office and not allowed to work from home with a laptop yet. The office is two hours away from home. 😢
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    @possum The code check-in? Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too.. 😢
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    If stick around. I have many of those moments where I am waiting for someone to help me with something and thus I have gotten really good at folding paper figurines. It's a brilliant time sink, I highly recommend it
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    @Elyz I'm just writing random stuff on my notebook. Yeah, I think I'll stay for another hour so if I send an update to my boss, he'll at least see that waited for several hours before giving up. I just wish I can work from home already, this would have been as easy as taking a nap and logging in again a few hours later.
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    If it's code you're worried about, cover it well with tests. Use mocks for all the integrations. Simulate all the failures you can think of in your test cases. Decouple your code from the env as much as possible. That way you'll be ~98% confident your code is OK w/o even running it.

    You do have spare time on your hands atm, dont you? :) your test suite would make your nexe release smoother.
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    @netikras The code works but I need to make sure there are no false positives and I can only verify that once I get the results.

    I see what you're getting at though. I've been meaning to create something like that but I can't visualize exactly how I want it. Maybe I'll take down notes to figure it out.

    I'm trying to imagine how to at least minimize the false positives without missing true positives as fast as possible. I guess I can write some code where I can define the rules for specific entities (names, numbers, phrases, etc.) and just run that against my scripts dumping false and true positives and then just reviewing them again later.

    Hmm.. I will do more research and sort my mind out by taking down notes. Thanks for the suggestion and motivation. 🍻
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    There it is again, the annoying question from people coming in the office. They looked straight at me and asked, "are you still here?" No, I'm not. I died hours ago. My soul is in hell right now. I'm not here.

    Argh.. and this guy from India, who is forever an inconsiderate fuck and also responsible for the server being down asked me to finish one of the tasks today after he just turned up the server again and I was already working with some shit.

    Whatever. I'll finish everything today and not give a shit on Monday.

    Time in: 5AM
    Current Time: 6PM

    I stayed longer than this. I can do this.
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    @rutee07 idk what false positives you're talkin 'bout :) you are by far the most competent person in here to know it all.

    Decoupling your code and making it use mocked data sources [incl external services] not only makes you more cobfident your code works ok, but ir also enforces you to make your code easier to extend :)
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    @netikras Thank you. I started writing down some stuff and I will ask around here if I ever get stuck. Who knows, maybe if I finish that this month, it would increase the chance of my regularization.

    I'll keep in mind to bother-- mention* you when I have more questions. 😂
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    Stay. As long as it’s still in work hours..
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    @badcopnodonuts It's outside of my shift. I work from 5am - 2pm and it's 9pm now so I'm going home no matter what.

    I hate how inconsiderate the person maintaining the servers are. It was very slow the entire time and went down for two hours. As soon as it went up, he rushed me to do this other task that he said had a bug in it.

    I sent that shit first day of the week and he reported the bug on the last day of the week and the release is tomorrow. I was already working on several high priority tasks. Guess what time of the last day of the week he asked me about it? Minutes after my shift.

    I bet he's having a good time since he just started his shift (he's in India). Coffee break here and there while the server is fucking down. I would have went offline and did my shit but I had to talk to him to put the damn server up.

    Fuck this shit. I'm to exhausted to make a separate rant so I'm ranting to you instead, I'm sorry. Now I'll spend two hours on the way home. 😩
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    Maybe wait for a few minutes and if its not back up just leave cause it doesn't make sense to stay and waste your time and not be productive.
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    @rute can't you use some sort of remote desktop application to work from home? I used to use AnyDesk and it worked in such situations. You'll have to make sure it's all working though coz I remember it wasn't 100% reliable but still. And ofcourse, you'll have to leave your monitor off. :p
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    @exceptionalGuy My company doesn't allow work from home until regularization so I'm not sure what the consequences will be if I try that. I'm kinda hoping this event would trigger that. I'll try that out when they give me the go signal though. Thanks.
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