That a man owns a fully-rugged notebook computer does not imply that this man should hold the computer by its screen.

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    What if I'm a fully-rugged man and this notebook is tiny?
  • 6
    What if he owns a rugged laptop, but doesn't need one? Is that like driving a Hummer when you have a suburban commute to the office?
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    @platypus: Those people will be hit with my baton.
  • 3
    What if the rugged laptop holds the man?
  • 1
    @theKarlisK: The One must be summoned.
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    I used to throw my first notebook like a boomerang. It was a pretty cute Toshiba with a pearly pink finish.
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    Try touching the screen and I'll grab your hand like I would my 3yo's. Don't touch.
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