Be me
>programming since I got up
>don't have much time to program because job sucks up all my time
>dont know the best solution to a problem so decide to take a small break
>open rocket league
>start 1v1 match
>4 minutes later
>dad walks in my room, demanding I go pretend to be a stone age nibba
>pic related
>wants me to dig some dirt for his crops
>wants me to carry multiple buckets of water
>wants me to plow literally fields
>tells me that I'm addicted
>tells me that he's getting rid of the Internet again

Only my girlfriend and programming bring me joy and you reduce my capacity to interact with both. Fuck you.

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    @rutee07 I'll grief his real house soon enough
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    Gardening is a golden opportunity, hear me out.
    Measure/track everything; plot size, water used, number of seeds (estimate), weather conditions.
    Model in software (custom that you build)
    Plants grow and mature at a fixed rate, nothing you can do to make it faster
    Track harvest and research methods to improve bounty, code into software (tracking high in hot days, increase water by X)
    Now you have experience of writing software, you are doing something outside, and you and Dad have a common goal.
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    @bkwilliams and maybe, just maybe, your(his) dad just wants to spend some time with you, but since he doesn't know programming and can't learn it over night...
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    @theKarlisK Maybe, or maybe he's just a jerk. Mine was the latter no matter what I did or said or tried.
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    @Root not everyone is tho.
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    @Root @theKarlisK there are a non zero amount of people who have no connection with their children but are emotionally stunted so that they cannot bond with their child so they grasp at anything they can in order to form that bond before they die.

    There was a song by Harry Chapin about it https://youtu.be/KUwjNBjqR-c
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    @bkwilliams I once suggested writing software but he thinks that my hard work learning to code is a waste. Wants me to be like him and do manual work.

    The only thing he wants from me is that I'm self sustained, but I can't be because I'm still in uni (but I'm going to make sure I'm going to get my own house at the end of next school year). My mother tricked me into staying here and now I regret it deeply.

    My father promised that if i get a job, he will keep the Internet as it is but he broke that promise by getting rid of the contract and making me fend for myself using LTE. I'd set up my own Internet but the set up cost is too high for now.

    @theKarlisK my dad literally doesn't give a shit about any of my hobbies. He doesn't try and understand. He's never spoken to me. He just comes up to me and demands I do things. Kinda like a dictatorship.

    @Root I feel your pain my dude. My is definitely the latter.

    @theKarlisK I'm jealous of people with dads that are actually parents. My girlfriend's dad helps her, talks to her and is a really cool dude. I've spent considerable amount of time at her house to know this.

    @bkwilliams and well, maybe that's it. I keep threatening that I'm going to move far far away, and they keep grasping harder and harder. When I'm finally independent, I'm not going to talk to them for years.
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    @bkwilliams yup, exactly.

    @c3ypt1c I know what you mean.
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    Dads a farmer ?

    I hear that because farmers kids are leaving the industry that it struggles to produce enough for everyone to eat.

    I'm reminded of a friend of mine who brought the internet to his village so the farmers could look online and get a better price for their crops as local middlemen was offering them prices far below the market rates and they used to take them.

    I wonder if via the internet you could find out a more profitable crop he could grow..

    I reckon automation is the future of farming, to solve the labour problem.
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    @Nanos we're not farmers. My parents basically have a plot of land that they just grow things on.
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    I guess your labour is payment for the food you eat. :-)

    One of the downsides to living with parents sadly, you end up spending a lot of time doing stuff at home.

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    @Nanos i mean, I know. I'd love to do something normal like washing the dishes or any other chore but *no* I have to be a farmer.

    Also, wtf is a that thing in the end?
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    > definition of BTDTGTTS is "Been There,

    > Done That, Got The T-Shirt"

    I spent 20 years shovelling shit !
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    Being back with parents I also spent a couple of months landscaping the garden.

    Which involved moving lots of earth around so it went from hilly to flat.

    Who doesn't love moving tons of dirt with nothing more than a bucket and shovel.. :-)

    Hopefully when we move, we'll get a JCB and mum can drive it !

    She used to drive tractors..

    When I say moving tons of dirt, what I really mean is, tons of stones with some dirt in there someplace, that is almost as tough as concrete !

    I had to use a crowbar to soften up the ground first before I could shovel it..

    I'm too old for this shit !

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    @Nanos you had fun right, or at least enjoyed your parent's comlany? And were you pressured into doing it?
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    They viewed computers as toys I was playing with, wanted me to get a real man's job, like lumberjack.

    Did I mention I had to buy my own axe out of pocket money to chop firewood with !

    Endless chopping..

    Yes, lots of pressure to spend countless hours outside in all weathers.

    Is why I keep leaving home !

    They have mellowed slightly with age, computers are no longer considered toys, and I don't often have to shovel shit anymore..

    And I've moved on from simple donkey work to tasks like, fitted wardrobes, kitchens, bathrooms, etc..
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    @Nanos i guess we're in a similar boat, you possibly even worse. I'm going to fight the resistance though.
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    I'm reminded of the 6 months my parents and I spent living in a tent without a computer or the internet !

    I had one programming book and wrote code on paper. :-)
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    @Nanos that's insane. I couldn't imaging doing that.
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    This is why I'm planning on a vehicle with solar panels so I can charge a laptop if I find myself in a similar situation again.

    Perhaps even a small wind turbine..

    Though I hear Visual Studio doesn't like working offline...

    Related links:




    (e.g. if you don't use VS for 20 days, then you'll get a stale license when you start next time)


    Anyone know how to ?
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    @Nanos sorry, but you reminded me of this scene https://youtu.be/pd9As_DlH6E
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    FX [ Amused look. ]

    Actually I rather like BASIC, all that waiting around for compilers to do their thing..

    The book I took with me was this one:


    I remember finding lots of bugs in it !

    I hear Python is like today's modern version of BASIC, but the last time I looked at it, it had so many bugs !

    Is it more fixed these days that I don't have to find a fix for every line of code I write ?

    I did have a little play the other day with it, and didn't break anything. :-)

    In my quest to find an offline version of Alexa.

    Related link:

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    Man this thread is deep. Makes me feel lucky that I never grew up with my ‘father’.

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    @-AJ- why is that?
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    @c3ypt1c it sounds like a lot of unnecessary pressure.
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