This isn’t gonna be a random because I do eventually get to a Tech and YouTube related topic.

YouTube is actually killing itself with all of the dumbass rules they’re implementing. Trying to child proof or limit educational content is genuinely a shit policy. The reason so many gaming channels are switching to twitch because it doesn’t try to censor you.

But now I don’t know if you’ve heard but YouTube updated their guidelines and they’re no longer allowing content that teaches people about Hacking essentially (and I hate putting it like that but I can’t remember the exact words they used Hacking just summarizes it) which is fucking ridiculous like what the fuck else, are they gonna stop allowing lock picking videos?

YouTube has always been an amazing FREE resource for people learning Programming, Cyber Security, IT related fields, and even shit like lock picking, cooking, car stuff, and all that stuff. Even sometimes when the tutorials aren’t as detailed or helpful to me they might be exactly what someone else needed. And Cyber Security can be a difficult topic to learn for free. It’s not impossible far from it, but YouTube being there was always great. And to think that a lot of those could be taken down and all of the Security based channels could either lose all revenue or just be terminated is terrifying for everyone but more so them.

A lot of people and schools rely on YouTube for education and to learn from. It’s not like YouTube is the only resource and I understand they don’t want to be liable for teaching people that use these skills for malicious purposes but script kiddies and malicious people can easily get the same knowledge. Or pay someone to give them what they want. But that’s unfair to the people that don’t use the information maliciously.

It’s the same for the channels of different topics can’t even swear and it’s ridiculous there’s so many better options than just banning it. Like FUCK kids nowadays hear swearing from their older siblings, parents, friends, and TV it’s inevitable whether someone swears or not and YouTube is not our parents, they aren’t CBS, so stop child proofing the fucking site and let us learn. Fuck.

TLDR YouTube is banning educational hacking videos and are being retarded with rules in general

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    Yup, saw that few days ago. Hopefully PeerTube will get more traction thanks to this.

    PS: I can't stand their recommendations too.
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    @Jilano Yeah YouTube has shit recommendations
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    Securitytube is your friend ;)

    PC censorship has become rampant for many a platform, which is troubling in and on itself.
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    @bladedemon SecurityTube? I’ll have to check it out
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    @bladedemon wait is the phrase “in and of itself” or “in and on itself”
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    Literally every time I’ve seen something child proofed it’s basically died. In real life or any business... YouTube will survive though because all those mind melting kids cartoons keep the mums happy while their kids drool like zombies at a screen while she talks shit over some mimosas or gets her nails painted.

    It still pisses me off daily that iPhone doesn’t autocorrect the word fuck no matter how often I use it.

    You can’t take away peoples right to be assholes or make a choice to swear in front of other people’s kids or not 😆
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    @badcopnodonuts shit you not twitch just has to add an option to upload a video as well and it’ll take over YouTube for the majority of gaming and possibly tech idk about that one but I’ve already seen many programming streams so maybe
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    @Bubbles I think you’re right. Twitch is definitely poised to take over.
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    @badcopnodonuts def for gaming and possibly tech but idk about other “genres” of content but so many have been switching its ridiculous
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    Reminds me of dating sites, which just got a lot of new rules.

    No pictures of you with guns..

    Topless shots of men are now allowed, but only if outside..

    On the plus side, they say you have to be kind to everyone, so I guess that is a good thing !

    Unless someone asks why you don't want to date them, and you can't say, because I don't find you attractive..

    "Not my type." I believe is the standard kind reply, and then you just got to block them when they reply:

    "Wot U mean!?!"
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    @Bubbles like you said, a couple tweaks or additions to the platform and it’s game on for everything else. They already have solid payment processes in place for streamers/content creators.. add that to videos and they’re on a gold mine.
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    @badcopnodonuts yeah Twitch is honestly holding back if you ask me. They could take over, it’s not impossible, hell Tennocon (warframe convention) and all the competitions for competitive games are streamed on twitch YouTube can’t beat that
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    @Nanos yeah straight up it’s all bonkers
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    I dare say its a typical human condition to overcomplicate things.

    Perhaps that is why I rather like my 30+ year old social network site that still allows you to upload anything you want without getting arsey about it.

    Though it is changing since they got a new 'progressive' boss, now they can throw you out of your own groups if someone complains you threw them out because they said unkind words to you !
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    @Nanos what site?
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    I'll mention it sometime.

    Don't want the place flooding with new folk, yet.. :-)

    Amusingly there is already someone there called bubbles, I believe they do hot air balloons.
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    @Nanos gotcha lmao
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    @Bubbles Twitch isn't that much better than YouTube, in my opinion. The UI/UX is awful, the "community" is horrendous, and the people managing it have a tendency of taking stupid decisions too.
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    @Jilano right now it’s currently the better and most popular gaming platform to stream content on. I don’t necessarily follow twitch and their actions so I can’t really say much on that.
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    @Bubbles Shitty products can be popular (unfortunately).
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    @Jilano like 80% of social media
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    @Bubbles At the very least, yes

    @irene I couldn't agree more, which is sad. "Oh god! I'm becoming a target for social media websites...! Help!"
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    Yeah who needs stupid books when you can synthesize WW2 in 10 minutes on yt
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