I’m so glad I work at a company without a dev ops... it’s so much smoother and money isn’t wasted on a non engineer, or someone who can’t jump in and assist where needed.

We have a weekly team meeting including the mech, elec and software guys... then we have a weekly open issue meeting per project only those on the project go to. We all know what we need to do individually and we just get it done... no need for the middle man dev ops to divide up tasks and shit.. we hear the issues straight from the product owners and get to work... we don’t have defined structured scrums and burn downs...it’s very agile tho.. much like how engineers 40 years ago achieved things. It’s quite awesome.

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    Wait, dev op is not an engineer?
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    @freeme every dev op I’ve ever worked with in the past is just a wanna be manager... just wants to direct... never could actually write a line of code, or find issues in a schematic or debug hardware. Etc.
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    The 'jump in and assist' is the essence of devops :)

    too bad companies misinterpret that into 'automation and/or infrastructure guy'
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    I think you are missing the point of DevOps.

    This is quite common, as many companies are just rebranding their Operations department into „DevOps” departments but the devs are still throwing their stuff over the wall.

    In other words, DevOps has become an empty word, just like Agile.
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    Regardless they are unneeded in the world of engineering. This idea of breaking things down into separate jobs... like when the fuck did UI and UX be split and when the UI sucks, the UI guy can now blame the user experience guy... fuck off, THE USER INTERFACE .. IS WHAT THE USERs EXPERIENCE... therefore they are one in the same!

    Or the system architect.... the position that just dreams up how the system should work.. doesn’t write code.. or draw electrical schematics nor debug the hardware.....

    The more people on a team beyond the minimum needed to get down and dirty and build the system, causes the project to take longer and longer... for the following reason... “pass the blame game”...as in “I can’t do that cuz it’s the other guys job”... or “I’m still eating on so and so”..... the constant updating and waiting on others is a waste of time, just FUCKEN do it. Get it done... Aerospace why does it take so long to release something? We’re talking 6-10 years for release cycles... CUZ THEY HAVE 500 or more FUCKEN twats working on the damn thing. A work flow of that many people, causes a worse effect than pure waterfall.

    The smaller the team the faster shit gets done. Period
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    @QuanticoCEO I will say u didn't meet a good devops person till now. It's like blaming all the backend dev are idiots just cause few of them are.
    But it's your opinion, I respect that.
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