>someshittysite.com wants to send you notifications

How about you send your notifications right up your ass?

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    You can send a notification up my butt anytime. 😉
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    Keep calm. You can permanently disable it forever.
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    @AuntMayonase no thanks, do it yourself.
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    @sandeepbalan its not about disabling it. It's about the principle. There are thousands of websites for the same thing. And everyone wants to send notifications. Disable it once, change/clear browser and the fun starts from the beginning.

    Solutions: just don't send annoying notifiications to users.
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    @flake how about you go jase yourself?
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    @flake *loses 2 HP* KARATE CANNOT HURT ME! MUAHAHAHA *epic bossfight music starts playing*

    Jokes aside. I pulled a jase once and lost like 17k upvotes. Not that I really cared about the points.
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    I return to your rants every now and again to be reminded how much more competent and efficient your rage is.
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    @Wisecrack why, thank you!

    I feel like dR is lacking rage and profanity.
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