Not original but true

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    As an Indian, even I do this.
    No offence taken 🤣
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    So true lmao
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    What I do is try to find whatever explains the information the best to me. A really thick accent can make that hard.
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    Super nice that their culture wants to share their knowledge. Where as my American colleagues are like F@#k you figure it out for your self. I am thankful for even the Hindi tutorials where I can only watch their IDE closely to figure it out cause I don't speak Hindi. Funny side effect is YouTube sends me all these Hindi videos now.
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    There's a ton of tutorials made by indians.Whats a fun fact Is that I actually understand the tutorials where Hindi is spoken(I understand Hindi actually) better instead of a video made by a person speaking English in a Indian accent.
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    Being a Indian I don't feel it hard for Indian accent but feels weird.
    Where as thick Russian, French or Spanish accent are also weird . but for computer tech videos normally you get alternative for French and all, so I rarely have problem.

    I have some times heard French coworkers. I just give up in between or have to fill some word on my own or have to ask them to repeat.
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    I don't care so much about the accent, rather than the time spent talking about unnecessary stuff before they actually start with the topic. Of course this doesn't just apply to tutorials made by indians
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    It always seemes to me like they had to record it to pass a semester or as a punishment for being late to labs 5th time that week.

    Above said, the real concern for me is people watching tutorials on coding. I mean, it's code. Just read it.
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    @S-falken I feel so good for knowing hindi now 😂
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    @cprn some people still need a crutch and people understand things differently through different mediums. Let’s not be dismissive
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