Getting really annoying how I think of the perfect solution on a project after leaving the office.

Now I need to wait 15 hours to implement it 😭😭

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    I usually think of this at about 3am.
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    Take a break more often, you'll have them earlier 😁.
    (I mean it)
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    @Commodore I know I need to take breaks quite alot 😅 I just get really carried away when I'm in the zone and do not wish to move
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    Write it down. Don't try to log on and implement it, just write yourself a note about what the solution is. That way your brain can forget about it and relax and you can pick it up again next time.
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    @PaladinRevenant yeah I'll go to amazon now tbh and order myself some colour pens and a notebook

    Edit: Thanks for the advice, 😄. Sorry if that came out as sarcasm
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    This is why the pomodoro technique is useful. Stepping away and coming back helps a lot.
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    If only there was a kind of computer that that you can move everywhere with you...
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    Remember to write it down. The frustration of forgetting a good solution is dreadful.
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