I received a few XSD schemas from service provider, this have literally: Table1, Table2, etc... Table21. and without any documentation.

Should I insult provider devs on email?

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    Dear Sir / Madame,

    as the given specification is not human understable and documentation is lacking, we need you to double the payment (amount of time).

    This is not negotiable.

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    Wtf is this black magic??
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    @b3b3 it get wrose! All fields are strings, decimals, ints, even dates and not in iso format. 😨
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    Ok. Now would be the moment where I would escalate

    And by escalate I mean... Declaring war.

    No servive provider should deliver such unprofessional bullshit. Ever.

    But they did. So... Time to cut the payments and make a clear stance.

    Yes I had to deal with a lot of dumb fucks... And the worsest thing you can do is just accept it. Cause that means that you tolerate any shit thrown at you and that will backfire definitely in your face.
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    @IntrusionCM not options, project is standby until fix some shit.
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    That schema looks very Enterprise, the provider must be an Enterprise Software Services Provider.

    It's probably deliberate - really the company wants you to pay their Highly Paid Consultants to build the integration for you, because if they give you a usable API and documentation for it then you wouldn't be reliant on their Enterprise Support Contract anymore
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    @unsignedint not really, provider is the client too. #EpicFail
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    Never flip someone off in writing. Do it in person and with no witnesses.
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    Is the xsd still usable ? Are you sure ?
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    @Mba3gar yes indeed today client/provider updated, and this new version include data types. "A huge enhancement!"
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    @ennerperez in my opinion it is useless no need to use it anymore, you can still do the validation in different way
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