Isn't it somehow crazy how this is possible ... :

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    That local server that reinstalls Zoom - legit wtf.
    This entire thing is wtf.
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    The hack is as terrifying as their response. Bloody product manager somewhere saying despite the risks that this is a key feature for their customers and can’t be turned off.

    Engineering and security always need to be above product, but rarely are.
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    @Humanoid- local server remains installed. 🤷‍♂️
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    @RememberMe bro it gets worse and worse the more I read into it
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    I realized I had zoom installed on my personal machine for a remote interview. Decided to see what their uninstall instructions are with that local server.

    FUCK ME!

    “Go to finder, click Go to and type in this path. Delete this folder.

    Repeat the above for these paths:


    Go here and delete this .kext file.

    Now finally go here and do this.

    *note it’s possible not all files exist”

    It is the MOST convoluted thing I’ve ever seen to just delete it. On Mac 99% of the time you only need to drag the app to trash to uninstall it. This shows how batshit their product is.
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