What kind of tasks would you guys trust an intern with? Asking because I see a lot of people giving admin login for everything, access to production and sensitive info

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    Initially with nothing. After some time maybe the credentials to the dev environment. Every change would need be reviewed by an experienced developer. I would also limit the access of the person to the project they work on.
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    As @Makenshi said, limit the interns contribution to projects - we had some projects done completely by interns and us developers now maintain them and everything about them is pure shit.
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    Admin login to Production whatever is a big NO whoever it is, unless they are the admins themselves

    Rest depends on what they are doing
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    The company I'm working at basically treats you like you're not an idiot, unless you behave like one.

    You have all the same rights as any other normal developer. Someone who has proven themselves will merge your Merge Requests. You do your work, you don't fuck it up, everyone else does their work, everyone is happy.
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    You know what? I don't want to work with you people 😂 here we have ONE person explaining how it should be in a healthy way. ONE!

    On my end, I saw more stuff broken by so called developers, engineers and experts, then by interns. If you have right procedures, like code review and testing, quality gates and other stuff, interns won't brake anything.
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    Basically nothing.
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