I recently discovered Chocolatey. I like it.

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    What's that?

    Just a PS If it's a JS framework I'm killing myself!
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    It's like apt but for Windows.
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    Sadly keeping your registry in sync is a feature you have to pay for 😕
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    I think $96/year is kinda steep for a single user license.

    The AV scan is barely a feature if you have real-time monitoring enabled so it's praxtually only the sync and support you pay for.

    Tbe private repo feature is super niche for an individual developer.
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    how would you like to pay for a package manager?
    has humanity gone too far?
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    Or actually switch to free Linux ?

    I have heard of windows subsystem for Linux why not try that ?
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    @Teknas It's good. But still has issues with systemd. And the biggest problem is you ha e to bear powershell or cmd. Nothing beats a Linux terminal
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    @Teknas damn, you sound like a jeovah witness...

    Also wsl won't help you. The whole point of chocolately is to install native Windows apps, not Linux packages.
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    I liked chocolatey when it was newer. Used it for easily installing/updating a large variety of applications. But as it got bigger, their repos turned into a mess of broken, outdated, or just completely abandoned packages.
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