Probably my room is where I’m most comfy programming because it’s the place I’m most comfortable in general.

I have a weird unhealthy attachment to my room. When I have to leave to go to a friends and some family’s over night or sumn I am really uncomfortable the entire time until I get back.

I know I’m literally playing into the stereotypical nerd, but what you don’t understand is I am the stereotypical nerd.

You could easily say I just get a really bad case of Home Sickness and I guess that is the case but idk why it’s as bad as it is.

And the honorable mention for programming spots was when I was in high school at my big desk I had for 2 years straight. Damn I loved that spot

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    Same here tbh, at this point i dont even care to be around any people longere, i just want to be alone in my room programming - eating - sleeping. Nothing more or less than that.
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    @Frederick same honestly. All I really do is play games, program, And watch videos while shitposting. The most interaction I get is seeing my gf once or twice a week, and that’s all I really want
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    Don't worry that's perfectly fine, I prefer my room too it's more relaxing.
    Places we're used to are the best!
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    @mint-eye I agree and I don’t really mind that it’s the case, my family gives me shit for it.
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