Nothing gets me depressed more than having to do web development.

For me its souls destroying ... makes me so utterly fed up with everything.

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    So what is it you programm otherwise?
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    If so, what frameworks etc.?
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    @alexbrooklyn angular, ngrx

    Just depressingly bad
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    @bluescreen humm yeah desktop is more fun, its actually programming a computer rather than single app that can draw divs. No worries you will get back to that. Best of luck to you!
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    @bluescreen Yeah that's angular for you alright. It's just pretty ugh to work with
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    @Humanoid- it would be less painful to remove your own wisdom teeth.
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    @Humanoid- ngrx is part of the angular ecosystem and is based on the redux pattern. It’s just so horrible, with reducers, effects, actions etc all Used to help you manage the state.

    To me, the flux pattern is better but I still don’t like them.
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