Visual Studio Code is a joke.
it's always auto update but always fail and then delete itself.
When i ask what happened or post a discussion on the official site they close it and send /redirect it to fucking different issue like changing language code or adding extension while the real issue about auto update failure is ignored or discarded/deleted/closed without solving anything

I need help to share this to everyone until they fix this shitty perfomance

ps: i always need to redownload that fucking visual studio code everytime it has update

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    I've had this once in the entire time I've used it (multiple PCs) and that was on an old beat up pc that makes a good heater in winter.
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    Weird, never had this issue and I use it regularly. Does VSC have the right permissions to its own directories?
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    I use VS Code on both windows and MacOS. Never had this issue.
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    Never had this issue
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    First time I’ve heard of this 🤔
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    I've used Code with more or less the same bunch of extensions both on Windows and Linux across different computers but haven't had this happen.
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    If something related to someone else’s software fails on your PC once, that’s a bug.

    If that software fails on your PC all the time and on everyone else’s PC some of the time, you’re the bug.
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