Clients treating scroes and advices from Google PageSpeed Insights as bible... Do I need to say more?

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    Google is violating more than half of their own rules anyway.
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    Average web devs are so glaringly incompetent that you just HAVE to call out their shit using tools like PageSpeed and GTmetrix.

    Even better is of course tying payment to agreed minimum scores so that these idiots don't get paid if they screw up like usually.
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    PageSpeed is a total BS.

    Are they loading pages with 56k or what ?

    They indicate 15 seconds "load time" for our main page. It's less than 1 on any setup we tested
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    @jurion that's probably because your page does infinite loading so that it's technically never fully loaded even when it appears so. I get a load time of under a second and 100% score in Pagespeed.

    What's your scores on Gtmetrix.com?
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    The score is low.
    Now I added the only 4 “red” things we have. 85% are caused by use of tracking software analytics. (Not me who manages that. Marketing team uses hubspot and seems determined to put every single existing tracker on the page)
    At least I manage the actual app and GA and co will NEVER show up inside application

    Edit : Doesn't help that test is from west cost (Vancouver) and we are on est (Montreal)
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    @jurion ah yeah tracking stuff hogging down a website is really common, ironically enough even Google's. That's why adblockers. Astonishing that the marketing team hasn't heard about bounce rate vs. load time.

    Btw., I get 100/99 on Gtmetrix although it's from Vancouver and I'm on shared hosting in Iceland. ^^ But no trackers.
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    The best part : We don’t do inbound right now.
    Only outband by referrals from existing clients.
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    Oh, here is the test of only public page of app (Login).

    And yeah, I need to scale image down.
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    @jurion woah, that means 80% of the loaded data are just marketing junk?! I'd bet that marketing would be unable to show clear benefits of what they're doing.
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    Well, it’s also not the same server.
    The main portal is HubSpot (Which I find very expensive)
    The app is Azure WebApp. And Like I mentioned, I’ll never allow more tracking than necessary. Right now :
    Intercom for support
    Applications Insights
    That’s all. No GA, no other BS
    I actually care about privacy of our users. The 3 I mentioned we need them to find out what is bugging or not working
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