After seeing how OS X and various Linux dists are handling virtual desktops Microsoft is leaving a lot to ask for in Windows 10. OS X's full screen your app into a new virtual desktop is pretty neat after you learn to swipe back and forth. And CentOS for instance allows you to create a virtual desktop and associate certain apps with different desktops. Windows however, does only allow you to create extra virtual desktops. But if you'd like to swipe between them you're out of luck, unless your computer has a touch screen. And if you think that clicking on an icon in the task bar would transfer you to your opened windows of said application you are wrong. It just launches another instance of the same application. Sigh...

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    There's a keyboard shortcut to switch desktops, like on OS X but with the Windows key. I don't remember well how it is.
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    Ctrl + Win + arrow key is the shortcut.

    But it is hardly as convenient since the first thing you need to do on the new desktop is to select a window or place to type your text. Sure Alt + Tab works sometimes for that, but simply Alt-tabbing to an application that's started in a different desktop should do the desktop switch for you.
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    My Logitech MX master allows me to switch desktops by pressing the thumb rest place I love it so mush haha
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