Wish we can shut down every tech product and service and start all over again. All the million dollar ideas are already realized and the only thing to do is be a rich guys employee now.

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    Just don’t give up, man! ☺️
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    There will always be new million dollar ideas.

    The problem is not to invent such ideas, the problem is to monetarize them
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    Then i correct myself : the easy million dollar ideas are gone
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    What's easy nowadays wasn't easy when it was invented.

    But I agree, this time is harder to come up with an idea
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    Think most of engineers in history felt like this at one point.. but look where we are now 😉
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    @myss corporate slaves that make less than what our CEO spends on a lunch date?
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    Nonsense. We haven't even begun to see innovation. We are on the edge of a tech boom. Maybe not necessarily an economic one, but in a very short time, technologies and products that few if any of us can imagine will be so commonplace in our lives that we'll wonder how we ever got anything done in 2019.
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    There are the genius, the mad, and the corporation slaves...
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    @sleek be unique! People pay for anything
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    If you think about it many of the million even the billions dollars are just some really simple ideas. I do believe the "a unique idea" is just a excuse for never trying, you could turn a existing idea to a million dollar company, but the thing is there more to it than just "making the product"

    - you need to be able to sell / market it.
    - you will have be able to handle the business part as well.

    or at least have some other people to fill out these roles etc.
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