Best sources to learn c++? Anyone?

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    Bucky on YouTube is the OG
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    My ultimate guide to how to learn any language:

    - Watch a crash course about language (around 1 hour length)
    - Start a project
    - Struggle adding new features
    - Search internet like "how to do x in y"
    - Profit?
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    Once you have a general understanding of c++, I can highly recommend this yt playlist https://youtube.com/playlist/... . He covers almost all parts of c++ and explains in depth how things work under the hood.

    You can of course just jump right in, but it might be a little too complicated at first
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    @dmoa dude bucky for life. 🤙
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    Learn it yourself the har d way by trying things and watching documentation
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    There's a book called C++ Primer that is supposed to be good.
    With the new drafts of the language there's no one definite source of learning C++ for beginners. There is a book by the creator called A Tour of C++. It was recommended as the single most important book for the language right now by Herb Sutter.
    There's another book called Programming Principles and Practices using C++, again by the creator that is more detailed but Idk if it has a new edition.

    It might be easier to start with Accelerated C++ (written before C++11) and learn more about the new features through cppcon or c++ now videos.
    Whatever you do to learn C++, Effective Modern C++ by Scott Meyers is undoubtedly the next thing you should read.
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