How do I make a good github profile ;_;? That I get accepted in a good University in Germany ?

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    try programming
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    Why do you want a good GitHub profile of all things? LinkedIn might be more important?
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    You don't really think the a university looks at some Github repo, right?
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    @erandria 🤣🤣👍
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    Why would you need to impress a CS department with your code skills? That has nothing to do with your success as a student.
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    I'm sure, all non private universities have registration options open for every one:
    a) A university is accepting everyone with the general qualification for a university, universities of applied sciences have a slightly lower requirement, such as accepting qualification tests or work experience (also heavily depends on the state).
    b) If a university requires a specific grade besides the general qualification and you do not meet those, you can try waiting, as a mandated amount of people waiting has to be accepted by the university. If you do not want to wait either, look if ayn alternative method is offered, but this highly depends on the university.

    If you are outside of the EU you may need a specialized test if you school degree isn't accepted in Germany. Of course you need to meet the visa requirements, if one is required from you country to study. Additionally a language test might be required, as courses are usually held in German.

    While there are private 'elite' universities, I have heard they are overrated.
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    @sbiewald Private "elite" unis have one single purpose: connecting the offspring of the rich with each other to enable later nepotism. It doesn't really matter what they teach because the students aren't supposed to do grunt work later.
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    @Fast-Nop ...except the universities of the army. But generally, yes.
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    Make a kick ass Motivation letter.
    That is one of the reason why I got accepted in my current uni.
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    @spantheslayer Do you mean that you want to get into university, or do you ask if you should write that you went to a good university? I'm not really tagging along mate.
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