To run X11 apps I have to install xcode? Not gonna happen. I'll just VNC to a real computer.

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    You don't need Xcode to run XQuartz as far as I know.
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    It's been some years, so that may be the case now. But it was a requirement in 2016.
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    its not now but good luck if you want to keep your desktops in seperate spaces while using it because your windows will be all over the place. zoom helps some, also using it only on your main screen but to use it with the second ull have to disable your mac's option for that
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    Good to know. I'll stick with Chicken or the VNC then.
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    @bahua probably the better option. It's manageable once you figure out the quirks but if I've i gotta use it long term about the only way it doesn't become a hassle is if I make both screens the same desktop.

    Its something to do with the axis the windows are being rendered on, the mac resets going from one to the other, quartz doesn't and potentially you can end up with a quartz window larger than your mac will let you focus on.

    Especially if the app is like ink and lets you spread additional popup windows around the desktop
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