My last day at my current company and damn, I couldn‘t be happier. Consulting was the worst decision I ever made and from tomorrow on I‘ll be free.

No more lying to clients, no more pushing of horrible products, no more silence towards problems because they didn‘t pay for a more expensive service.

I can finally stop hating myself for my job!

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    But do you already have a new job? If so what are you going to do without having all the issues you mentioned.

    I'm working as a software engineer in a startup-ish company and have this issues too ;(
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    @KnutKnutsen QA Management. They want me to set up my own automation and process management departement. They host their own product so no clients, just users. And lying to them is customer supports job^^.
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    You're just it of luck, as a consultant I didn't had such experiences 🤔
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    I’m doing same. I’m all about the bottom dollar though so if they don’t want to fork out what the projects worth then I have no problem turning my shoulder to things the project doesn’t have the adequate time to address. Cosmetic things of course. Core functionality needs to be clean and error free but like don’t be asking for design if you paid 30k for the app and desided not to fork out for design. You get what you pay for. We’re in business to work with companies, not mom and pops looking to rebuild Facebook for 5k
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